Monday, February 23, 2015

Tatiana Sold

The deposit for Tatiana came today, she will be traveling to Michigan as soon as shipping is arranged.
That worked out perfect for her health certificate for travel as Dr. Hoerr was scheduled to come out today for ultrasounds. I wanted to pregnancy check Ayanna and sonagram Anna to find out where she is in her season. Ayanna is open, meaning she lost the pregnancy at Middle Grove over the winter. When we picked her up from Middle Grove, my first impression was that she didn't look pregnant.
We will not breed her until May. At least we will have her available for shows this summer as she won't have a foal by her side. Anna is at a 40 mm, we will cover her tomorrow then probably the next 2 days. Dr. Hoerr felt she was 5 days away from ovulation. Jenis had her teeth checked. They were not bad but will probably need floating this year. By the time Dr. Hoerr left I was frozen inside and out. I could hardly wait to get inside near the wood burner but when I arrived inside this is what I found:
 Dogs taking up the best floor space to warm up. They were bribed with a treat to move so I could plop down in front of this wonderful heat producing box.
Rhoda arrived with Crew.
 But she needed to leave before Anna dropped the girls off so he wasn't able to play with them. 
 Above Taegan is playing with a rope while Braelyn was drawing G's for grandma.
 Kensley was enjoying the johnny jump up seat.
 Taegan and Braelyn had a ball swinging her around in that seat.

It is just so bitter cold that Emily was asked to bring the mares in tonight. I had cleaned the stalls this morning but used them for the ultrasounds so those will need to be cleaned again. Thank goodness Emily is a willing helper. Karin arrived to work on the propane heater but wasn't able to fix it. She is going to borrow Rachel's for vaulting practice. We found and ordered a new one which is suppose to arrive by March 4th. The news tonight mentioned we have 2 more weeks of this extreme cold before it moderates. Hope the news is wrong and we get a warm spell March 6th 7th and 8th. It was below zero again this morning and didn't warm up much.

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