Sunday, February 22, 2015

Strangely Well Behaved

Everywhere we take our horses we hear how well behaved they are. Well one trainer actually said, "your horses are strangely well behaved!" What is funny about that statement is we would be shocked if they weren't well behaved. We have such a wonderful set up and such wonderful trainers, none of them would put up with an ill mannered horse. The horses are raised in a herd out on plenty of land as close to the natural environment of a wild horse as possible. Middle Grove is perfect for this purpose with over 200 acres of rolling hills of grass, hundreds of trees for shade, lakes for cooling off, and running creeks for fresh water.
The mares are brought into the Hanna City facility for foaling where the foals are handled extensively for 2 to 3 weeks by adults and children before heading back out to Middle Grove to learn horse manners with the herd.
At 2 years of age they are brought back to the Hanna City facility for training for a couple months. They are introduced to a saddle, bridle and a rider. They are line driven, led around, loaded and bathed. They are then taken back out to Middle Grove for another year giving them time to grow up. At 3 they are brought back in for more extensive training. Below is Ayanna a 4 year old mare and Killian a 3 year old stallion out on a trail ride. They are expected to ride nice together even if the mare is in season.
 We take them on lots of trail rides here at the Hanna City farm, Middle Grove and at other facilities such as state parks and forests with anyone that is willing to ride with us.  Below is a group of one stallion, Valiant, 4 mares and a gelding. (A special thanks to Mitchel and Mikayla Cooksey) for meeting us at Sandridge State Forest.
 They are expected to swim, but this is one of the easier things to teach, most of the mares at Middle Grove jump in the lakes to cool off and the foals learn quickly that water is FUN!
 By the time they are 3 or 4 we can take them just about anywhere and know they will be well behaved. In the picture below there are 2 stallions and 4 mares. Everyone of these horses were able to be ridden around the state fairgrounds with thousands of other horses with no problem at all.
Now this isn't to say these horses are not worked with. During the spring and fall, Karin is at Middle Grove putting ground manners on them constantly, in the summer they are scheduled for camps and trail rides most weekends. Emily and Rhoda show different horses when ever possible at the local shows.  In the winter, weather permitting, the horses are ridden and schooled by anyone willing to brave the cold and snow. A big big thank you to the amazing Horsemeister trainers, Karin, Rhoda and Emily for our strangely well behaved horses.

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