Sunday, February 22, 2015

2 Wedding Announcements!

Peoria church had not just 1 announcement but 2 wedding announcements today. Mike and Rosie Waibel announced the engagement of their daughter Jessica to Austin Knobloch from Princeville IL,
while Ken and Janice Steffen from Forrest, IL announced the engagement of their daughter Marie to Gary Unsicker. We wish both couple's Gods blessings. Our church was more than blessed by that, we also got to listen to Willis Ehnle for the morning service and Dave Obergfel for the afternoon. Could the day get any better?
After church Joan's family, Ruth's family and mom drove to Skylines while Rhoda went to the Galesburg Horse auction and picked up 18 new 5 gallon flat back buckets, exactly what we needed for the show and 18 leadropes. We are always short of lead ropes, they either get lost, broken or used for something other than horses. We also acquired a new 3 rack saddle stand which will be real handy at the show. 
This afternoon we took a booking for a breeding to Evan from a mare named Rhinestones Jewely-Et.  Get that play on the spelling of her last name Jewely-Et...Juliette? She will be coming here late May and is pictured below.
Her owner, Shannon, is pretty much guaranteed a Friesian sport horse with spots. If Jewely-Et has a filly Shannon would like to keep her, if a colt this for sure to be talented, gorgeous colt will be for sale. Evan is going to be busy this year. Speaking of Evan this little lady in the picture below is one of his daughters out of Diane Moore's mare Monet.
Diane writes: She is doing wonderful and growing into a big girl:) Thank you for all your help. Here is a recent picture of our Catalina. She is the sweetest girl. Hope you are surviving the cold and keeping warm

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