Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Letters, Hundreds of Them

Israel was suppose to come visit grandma today but Stephanie sent a text at 5:30 am that her work had been called off for the first 4 hours. This gave me the morning free to head down to the shop and work on the letters we were not able to finish on Tuesday. After processing 190 letters I was more than ready for a break. Phil, Rhoda and I hit Tyrone's for lunch when Stephanie's work was called off for the afternoon. That gave me a free afternoon to start moving hay. On the way home on Smithville road a helicopter was hovering overhead dragging something. I tried to get a picture of what was on the end of the cable but it dropped down below the tree line about the time the phone camera clicked.
A snow storm was predicted for the area starting this evening so when Emily got home from school and Karin got home from work we went to work. Anna was covered by Valiant first. Next Killian's paddock was given a new round bale, then the middle paddock, breeding shed and finally Evan's paddock. But that wasn't all that got done around here. Emily moved the manure spreader out so she could redistribute the bales by the order they need to be used. This will also open up a bigger area the arena more for riding.  By 5:00 pm the snow was coming down thick. Emily and Karin kept working on the barn. Mark took the car in to Hanna City to pick up 5 more gallons of diesel fuel for the skid steer just in case we need to plow tomorrow. I ordered and picked up chicken from Gils Supper club for supper. By the time everyone came in to eat we had about 8 minutes to gulp down the meal and throw our Sunday clothes on to get ready for church. That was done pretty easily but the only problem was I couldn't find a brush and when I combed out my hair I was shocked at all the twigs and hay in it. Hopefully no one looked too close or if they did maybe they thought it was big flakes of dandruff. Diane picked up mom, Sarah, Hannah and Ruth before heading here to pick us up. We were glad she drove, she has great snow tires and they were needed. The roads were quickly becoming snow covered and slick.
Church was great, Greg Rumbold had the service. The trip home was slow and slippery but we made it. The snow is beautiful and we should end up with around 4 inches but it is the weather coming after the snow that has filled us with dread. We are to bottom out below zero AGAIN! We really need something to take the weather off our minds and I thing the picture below is about perfect for that. So one horse is saying to the other horse, "Did you say you were looking forward to Spring? Ha Ha the joke is on you with this new storm."
Sangria's purebred IALHA papers finally came. They are posted below.
Sangria will be 14 years old this June, we got her when she was 2 years old and after 12 years were finally able to get her purebred papers. We had everything we needed to get her registered with IALHA except one piece of paper. We had the dna proof that she was a purebred and was even given her pedigree by them but because the dam's owner refused to sign a paper we were only able to get her registered as half Andalusian UNTIL NOW!!! Sangria is extremely well bred. No wonder her foals are amazing. This 12 year struggle taught me to never give up. 

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