Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lasagna Dinner

We had an amazing amount of help today starting at 9:00 am all the way until this evening. All of our children and all of our grand children along with mom, Mike, Diane, Joan and her children showed up at church to help serve lunch. The trays were filled to capacity of goodies and distributed to all of the tables in plenty of time. Before lunch all the spots were filled and everyone just knew what to do and did it. After lunch we again had an abundance of helpers. Everyone worked together like a well oiled machine. Funny how we can serve 400-500 people without stressing at all.
Greg Rumbold had the morning service and Tim Roecker had the afternoon. I'll have to get the cd's, we were kind of too busy to listen very well even though the speakers were on.
We got home with just enough time to get a couple pans of lasagna cooked for the big dinner tonight. Diane also cooked a couple pans and mom cooked some too. We also served salad and rolls and by the end of the evening there were only 5 pieces of lasagna left. Pretty good planning. Below are a few pictures of the evening.
 Above and below Addyson wearing grandpa's glasses is playing with the bows and her siblings Jack and Jace.

 Above is the happy engaged couple Nolan and Sarah and below is the happy old married couple Ben and Taunya.

 Above Jessica and Emily are waiting in line for their turn to get their food and below Jessica is talking to Stephanie while David is trying to feed Israel who decided he only wanted to eat the bread.
Below are a few of the tables of guests

 Mackenson and Berlica were watching the birds from the kitchen sliding glass door.
 Levi enjoying his lasagna.
 Below Nolan and Sarah are giving their story to the group. 
 Berlica looking out the window at the birds. 
 Abram and Luke eating their dinner.
 Amy Koch holding Israel so he can watch the birds.
 The group left for volley ball at the Hanna City gym, Mark, Amy and I helped mom clean up then headed home to put away left overs. We are tired tonight and will head to bed as soon as this is posted. Good night all.

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