Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Purple Fairy

After Israel was dropped off I drove straight up to the barn. Hannah was trying on one of the costumes for the fair just to make sure they were going to work out. What do you think, do they look beautiful and elegant? This is part of one of the fairy costumes for the March show.
So we will need to do a little modification when they are riding. We need more material for the underskirt as the pad shows through and it would be nicer if the underskirts were longer so as to cover the leg and boot but very workable.

Jesse showed up for a lesson on Zalena. Below Karin is working with his position while Eliza waits.

 He is determined to do the best possible and would love to ride for us at the 2016 IL Horse Fair if all goes well. Rhoda stopped by before church to play with Darcy a bit.
 Notice anything different? She said she used miracle grow on her head. Well the truth of the matter is nature needed a little bit of help but we love the results. Bethany put hair extensions in Berlica's hair so we thought Rhoda should try that for the wedding.
Of course tonight Berlica showed up at church with the hair extensions gone. Joan took them out.
 Tonight Craig Stickling had the first 11 verses on our Philippians Bible study. It was so good to be back sitting in church soaking up the message, but I can't help feeling unworthy to be so absolutely blessed!

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