Saturday, February 14, 2015

Deep Freeze

The deep freeze is upon us. What makes it even more discouraging is we had a few nice days last week. The temperature is heading below zero the winds are ferocious and for the next 10 days it looks as if there is no hope of even getting up to the freezing mark.
I drove to Sam's for a few groceries and then Walmart to pick up a prescription and going from the parking lot to the building was awful. The freezing cold wind took my breath away and it really felt like my fingers were getting frost bite by the time I got the groceries in the car.
Jenis was brought inside for her grain and while she was eating I warmed up in the apartment. The udders were checked on the 2 mares due soon but neither had changed so they were left out. We will need to move a couple round bales tomorrow, sure hope it warms up some.

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