Thursday, February 26, 2015

Another Night of Below Zero

Winter is not releasing her grip on the midwest. We are just 3 days from March and will bottom out tonight around -8 degrees with the promise of another snow storm hitting our area on Saturday. At least neither Star nor Indy are showing signs that they are ready to deliver. Star is now 2 days over due and her udder is not filling up. Indy is due in 13 days. Her udder is filling up and a few drops of colostrum is usually on her udder each morning but it is still clear. We aren't taking a chance, each night both mares are stalled and the stalls are now being bedded in straw. Do you know how hard it is to clean a stall with straw? The job which had been taking less than 10 minutes is now taking 15-20 minutes each morning but straw is much warmer for a foal than the pelleted bedding.
Diane drove Karin and me in to Meisters this morning for the Berean work. We were joined by Eva Jean, Rachel and David. We were so thankful for David. He was put to work hauling the heavy Bibles in and out of our office pretty much all morning.
 Rachel was put to work reading letters.
 Below a letter came in requesting an invoice with the Bible. Diane took that home to make an invoice. We have a few prisons that are now requesting that.
 Diane R was also put to work reading letters. 
 Karin worked on filling the boxes until the Bible labels were printed then worked on Bibles the rest of the time. We actually ran out of postage so 25 of the prisoners asking for Bibles will have to wait until Tuesday.
The prisoner that filled out this Bible study put a personal note at the bottom for us.
 This check came from a prisoner. Amazing he works for pennies an hour and yet sends his paycheck to us as his tithe. Truly a 'widow's mite'! 
 Below David is hauling Bibles in to the office, Karin is lining them up on the table to get ready for labels, postage and return addresses.
 Rachel, Diane and Eva Jean sealing all the envelopes with their special 'likkers' Everyone here loves their likker
I tried to make a short video of the Bible assembly line with my phone. I've never used that function before so if you watch the video just don't watch until the end. It was posted on the Berean Facebook page
Just click on that link it will take you right to that page. Some of the letters will be posted on the Berean Blog. IF you enjoy reading the letters please feel free to visit that blog.
Even though it is extremely cold Emily worked both boys and Karin still held vaulting and Friesian practice. The IL Horse Fair starts in just 8 days and we have run out of time to practice. We will try to throw in a practice down at the fair next Thursday.
Below are a few pictures of Emily and Valiant from this afternoon.

Emily is bringing the mares in for the night. We are huddled in the living room near the glowing wood burner fighting the dogs for premium floor space.

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