Sunday, March 31, 2019

Sunday Fun

Galena's filly was doing so well this morning that Mark helped take the IV out of her neck before we needed to leave for church.  Mike Kaisner had the morning service. Peoria's Easter program was this afternoon. All of the kids did well but when the young group and Bible class sang  "How Deep the Father's Love For Us" my eyes started leaking. It was truly beautiful.
After church I ran up to take care of Galena. Our guests were gone and left a very nice 3 page thank you note on how much they enjoyed staying here AND left a gift for us.
I'm not exactly sure what I should do with this gift. Steph had the idea to make some kind of nuts with it but that sounds like it would ruin good nuts. Karin arrived with Nancy right then to show Nancy Galena's filly.
Today is Nancy's birthday. John and Beth arrived first and gave Nancy a toy stuffed  puppy that walks on a leash. She was so excited about her puppy she is showing mom in the picture below. Nancy is 55 years old today. 
Phil and Anna brought over the girls so they could go to a visitation. They were thrilled to help grandpa on his culvert project. They helped him carry a 1/2 pvc 30 ft pipe all the way to the culvert. 

 While grandpa was digging the girls found worms. 
 They had to take them right over to feed the fish at great grandma's beach. The fish were too cold to come eat the worms. The water was freezing. Berlica came over to play with the girls on the beach. 
 They got so full of wet cold sand that they were taken back to our house and given a bubble bath. 
We had some guests come today to see the horses. They raised Arabians for years and wanted to come see the filly and the Friesians. After they left Rebekah and Faith came over to meet Galena's filly. I keep marveling at her conformation. She has a long well set on neck, short back, thick bone and will be TALL an amazing sweet disposition and that along with mega hair she is going to be one spectacular mare!
 As Rebekah was willing to help, we took Galena and her filly to the outdoor arena to get some pictures for the website. This was the first time the filly has been out of the stall and she had fun using those long legs. 

 Check out that fancy trot on this 2 day old filly!

If interested in seeing the rest of the pictures click HERE
This evening Joan, Ruth and Fedi also came to mom's to celebrate Nancy's birthday. It was a very fun afternoon and evening. Sunday's are so very special.

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