Friday, March 22, 2019

A Day With the Grands

We had a sunny but cold morning for our walk. Anna brought the girls at 7:30 and they got to go too.  They ended up at mom's house so I could run to Sam's Club to pick up some food for the personal showers the cousins were holding at the barn apartment for Anni and Jessica.  When I got back from Sam's, the girls were busy coloring.
They were bird watching out mom's window and admiring the birds so mom got out her bird books to show the girls how to identify each bird. What is interesting this year is she has a Bananaquit showing up at the feeder eating from the suet block all winter and it is has been coming back daily. This is a tropical bird with a down-curved bill, black upperparts, bright yellow underparts and a white eyebrow. They are warbler-like birds who live in the tropics.  

We were glad the bird survived but don't know how a bird from the tropics ended up in COLD Illinois. They drink nectar from flowers and eat fruit and small insects.  
When we left mom's place we went straight to Dollar General to buy markers and coloring books which kept them busy all morning. We met Stephanie, Israel, Elisabet, Sarah, Zion and Eden at McDonalds at noon where the kids had a ball in the playground area. 
 They played so hard they needed the calories the happy meals provided 
 The toys that came with the happy meals were either a camera or cell phone so the kids were having fun taking selfies with their pretend toys.

When we finished with playing and eating the girls were driven home. They really didn't want to go home but I had to get some work done. The apartment floor was cleaned and the apartment made ready for company tonight. Rhoda, Sarah, Rebekah and Emily came early to decorate it and make the dinner. Karin and Rebekah took Indy and Oksana AND a chain saw down and cleared all the trails of downed trees and branches.  After they got back Rebekah worked with Irish. She is making good progress with that Gypsy mare.
The horses were fed this evening and udders checked. None of them have made any progress so all should be good tonight. 

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