Saturday, March 9, 2019

The COLD Rain and Wind

The rain moved in early but not before Mark got the garbage taken to the dumpster. Yesterday I had a full garbage can picked up from cleaning out the barn and put that outside not realizing it was going to rain and rain it did. The thermometer was only reading 34 degrees and that rain was just downright cold. Sarah and Nolan came over so I got go spend some time playing with Zion. Zion came running to me today with a big smile.  Zion is going to be a big sister soon as Sarah is now due with her daughter Eden Reign but no contractions yet. 
Karin arrived with Shaeya, Shaeya's sister Wren and her cousin Sadie.  Shaeya also brought her new puppy.
They decided to work with Evan first as he hasn't been touched for a while.

 Shaeya let him roll then let him run around again. 
Next out was the Gypsy mare Irish. This was her second day in a row of getting worked. She is doing so well I was really pleased. 

 The last three mares brought insider were Indy, Jenis and Oksana. They were glad to get indoors.  They have had 6 days off and all were full of pent up energy.
 Below Wren is riding Jenis
 Left to right is Wren on Jenis, Sadie on Oksana and Shaeya on Indy. 
Karin had them walk, trot and canter and all the riders and horses did well.  I went back down to the house to play some more with Zion except when I got there Nolan and Sarah had already left. If she doesn't go into labor tonight hopefully they will come for Sunday dinner. I left for grocery shopping stopping first at Aldi's in Peoria then to Sam's Club. The rain was coming down so hard that on the way home all of the drainage ditches on the side of the roads were full and the water was running over Hanna City Glasford road near Phil and Anna's house for almost a half a mile.  The wind is sustained at 27 mph with wind gusts from 35 to 42 mph slamming into the house and tearing down limbs. We change our clocks tonight which will make it hard to get up early enough to clear any downed trees off drives before church.  

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