Friday, March 29, 2019

The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away. Blessed be the Lord

This is a hard post to write and I struggled with the words.  Anna was just put down and I had to do it myself.  I removed her bandages and found she had herniated badly during the night. She was in so much pain this morning from the dead intestine sticking out where she had popped her stitches that she could not stand without collapsing. I gave her banimine, a lot, enough that she laid quietly down flat and stopped breathing.
The Lord gave us a new life early this morning then took a life but no matter what we will praise HIM the giver of LIFE.
Anna was such a joy for us. We bought her in September 2013. She was imported from the Netherlands but had never been trained under saddle. Rhoda went right to work with her and found her an absolute delight.
 Anna would try anything Rhoda asked of her, even jumping.
Below is her first trail ride off the property and even that went perfectly.
Anna was bred to Valiant and delivered a stud colt Jan 20th, 2015.
He was such a character. Below he was introduced to snow and loved it.
Anna was taken to the IL Horse Fair in 2014.  Anni rode her in the play Cinderella.
We took her to Jubilee for a trail ride and she was so well behaved my grand daughter got to ride her with Bethany.
Tyler rode her at the 2015 IL Horse fair as the King in the play Sleeping Beauty.
Anni rode her in the 2016 IL Horse Fair as one of the Pirates in the Pirate of the Caribbean play
She had a filly for us in 2016, the filly was born silver black and ended up that so desired pitch black color. We were pretty thrilled. 
Amy rode Anna in the 2017 IL Horse Fair in the 2nd part of the Pirates of the Caribbean. 
Anna had a colt in 2018.
In the 2018 IL Horse Fair Samantha rode Anna as one of the Christmas riders in the play Nightmare Before Christmas play.
The 2019 IL Horse Fair was her last time showing and this year she was ridden by Samantha as the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of OZ play.
She was such a sweet gentle mare and we will miss her greatly.


  1. With life comes joy and pain. You are a good animal taker. I admire your quick decision and strength.

  2. I meant to say “good animal caretaker”.

  3. cannot have the joy without the pain, but oh the joy was abundant and you lived it to the fullest!. she will live on in the life of her offspring.

  4. My heart breaks for you. I am so so sorry.