Friday, March 29, 2019

Galena's Beautiful Filly

I watched tonight on the monitor as Galena started pacing in the stall so knew she was in the first stage of labor. Galena went into active labor around midnight and this gorgeous filly was born around 12:20 am.
 She is a strong filly and was up on her own by 1:00 am and it didn't take long for her to find the milk bar.  Galena is such a good mom, she stood very still while the baby rooted around for the udder.  
 The placenta passed around 1:30 am.  The stall was cleaned up and dry bedding applied while I was waiting for the placenta.  One of our guests came out of the apartment to check on her and was thrilled to see the new little one.

This is how a birth is suppose to be. The crazy thing is I snapped picture after picture all pleased then got back to the house and found out the camera card was not in the camera.  Of course I had to go back up to the barn. The filly is about 2 hours old in these pictures. Her sire is Valiant.   When I got back up to the barn the lights were back on, our guests were admiring this newborn so of course I had to stay and chat.  So thankful all went well.  Of course I had to check on Anna too and was also thrilled to see her quietly standing with no evidence of her rolling around.


  1. I'm glad Galena had a lovely filly and no complications! She is a beauty! I've been praying for Anna to heal completely and be well after her terrible ordeal. Glad to hear she is doing fine. Will continue to pray for you and her.