Thursday, March 14, 2019

Warlanders For Sale

Megan sent an update on her trip home to North Caroline. She writes: Now that I’ve gotten some rest and am human again, I wanted to let you know how amazing Amelia has been!  She was by far the best horse I’ve ever traveled with.  Not one scratch or eye boogie for the entire trip back to NC.   When we stopped for gas, I would offer her hay and water, which she always accepted, and drew the attention of a few fellow travelers.  
    Each time I would talk to her as I approached the trailer, she would nicker in response which melted my heart completely.   She instantly made friends with everyone she’s met.  And that trot!!  Wow!  I’m used to quarter horses, paints and miniatures, so to see that floating trot took my breath away!
     I got a few snapshots at your farm Tuesday morning, so I included them.
   Thank you again!

Above is Irish, the Gypsy filly and below is Amelia sticking her nose out to be petted. 
We are thrilled to hear they made it home and that Megan is pleased.  Evan throws the most amazing movement on all of his foals.  Speaking of movement Gideon (Soul x Evan) for sure inherited that BIG BIG movement too.  
 He pushes well from behind, so well he almost flies!
Gideon was actually sold last fall and was suppose to be traveling to Alaska but he caught the flu and missed his flight. There was no way to fly him there in the winter so we refunded all of the buyer's money.  I really am surprised he is still here. This colt is a registered and DNA'D in the Warlander book of Friesian Heritage Horse International. He is very well behaved and tries very hard to please. He is curious and loves attention. Check out his video below. This was the first time Rebekah lead him around and the first time she asked him to step into the trailer.
Most colts his age do not lead well, do not load well and when asked to stand tied dance around. All the hard ground work came naturally to him, he will be a breeze to start under saddle.  Gideon will be a year old in April and we only have him priced at $5000.00. He really is a quality colt. Why in just a year he can be lightly started under saddle.  This is not just bragging, go ahead and compare him to ANY other yearling Warlanders anywhere. He is so amazing that we bred Soul (his dam) back the same way.  We also have a Warlander filly not at all related to him that is also for sale for $5000.00.  Her dam is Madiera and her sire is Valiant. If interested in starting your own Warlander breeding operation we offer a package price of $500.00 off each foal if someone buys both.  Her registered name is Isla and she too is well behaved and has very nice movement.  She will be a year old May 16th.  The video below was taken Oct 2018 at weaning. She is much more filled out and taller now. 
New pictures and videos will be taken when the weather warms up and dries up. Right now we are under flood warnings and have mud...lots of mud. We are also under a wind advisory. It isn't blowing trucks off the highway but sure sounds like the roof is being raised. We have lost electricity over and over today and tonight. Must be a loose wire.  Maybe this wind will help dry up the muddy roads. Spark worked most of the day trying to get the driveways passable.
Below is an unbelievable video of a ranch in Nebraska after the storm.   
We are so very thankful we did not have to go through that. The loss of so much of their livestock and the agony of discovering that loss is just heart breaking. 

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