Thursday, March 21, 2019

Visitors for Thursday

Sarah showed up this morning with Zion and Eden.  Of course this grandma had to get some pictures of Eden.

 After Eden had been fed we went to feed the other hungry mouths and Zion was more than happy to help with that. Below she is feeding Ivan (Tatiana x Valiant).
 Giselle (Roxanne x Valiant) came to share in the feast too. 
 Zion is quite the climber. She climbed up on the fence to watch them eat. 
 The next horse fed was Evan.  Zion worked hard to climb up his gate to watch him eat. 

 The last horse Zion helped feed was Galena. 
 Mark stayed home from work today to get the most out of that rented roller.  He ordered a load of slag from Keystone to lay down first then a load of CA6 gravel to pack it in.  Below is a video of him rolling down the slag and then the load of gravel getting dumped.

The spring at the base of our hill filled back up but is no longer pooling on the drive. Yesterday Spark used the Kubota to empty it. The culvert is working just like it was supposed to.
This evening Dan, Levi and Diesel arrived. Emma had to quick check out that car. 
Dan got a new car at the auction yesterday and stopped by on his way home. 
Emma was sure Diesel had been in that car and was now in the house!
She was right. Diesel came all dressed up cool to visit her, shades and all.
Emma wasn't impressed and when they both went out she had to yell at him for getting attention she thought she deserved.
Diesel only wanted to please and didn't understand why she would bark so rudely at him.  We think it is because Diesel is much taller than Emma and she isn't used to looking up at other dogs.
A new booking came in today for April 13th-15th. This couple is a home school couple with 3 girls one of which is a baby. Their oldest is a 12 year old horse lover and they are coming down for her birthday. They are also bringing their mother and a dog. What is interesting is since they are going to be here over a Sunday asked if they could go to church with us. Of course I said yes. Hopefully we will have a foal on the ground by then but maybe they will get lucky and get to help with a foal being born. Anna is due April 2nd but for the last 2 years has gone 10 days late. Lola is due on April 12th, Marika is due on the 16th and Galena on the 17th.

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