Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cheyenne Pregnant

Mark helped load Cheyenne up at 6:15 am. Our appointment was at 7:00 am and we arrived a few minutes early. Dr. Hoerr was waiting and ready. Cheyenne surprised us with how good she led into the exam room and into the stocks and then surprised us again with how still she stood when Dr. Hoerr drew blood for her coggins test. The ultrasound took just a few moments, probably not even a minute for Dr. Hoerr to find the embryo.
Valiant is the sire, she is due June 25th,2015. As soon as I got back to the farm 3 more were loaded into the trailer with her, Bonnie, Jenis and Sheena and they all got dropped off at Middle Grove. We have 32 horses out there and 11 here. Mike and Diane went out this evening to check on them.
I dropped off the trailer, jumped in the car and drove down to Meisters where Diane was working on Berean work. We took a short break for lunch, Mark brought in Chinese takeout from New China Kitchen at Madison Park Shopping Center then back to work finishing around 2:00 pm. The Bibles were dropped off at the post office and only then was it time for a short rest. Beth hosted mom, and a bunch of the church ladies at Norris today. Rhonda went to help with the lunch. Hope someone posts pictures of that event.
After supper Whitney was teased then stalled, Ribbon turned out in the field and 2 bales moved into that paddock.

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