Friday, August 1, 2014

Shopping Packing

What a busy day on the docket today. I will skip the walk and drive straight to Sams to try, just try to buy enough food for the entire family plus a few extra for our vacation.  Last fall at the Skyline auction Mark bid and won (with mom's help) a week at Ken and Darlene Hoerr's lake house on Diamond Lake Michigan. I've heard there is no internet but Karin is coming and her phone has a hot spot, hope the phone service is reliable. Mark is staying here to take care of the dogs until Wednesday evening or Thursday morning. When he leaves Jessica and Anni will take over. Mike and Diane will be taking care of the horses. Mike's big job, and he is perfect for this,  is to tease Whitney once a day and cover her with Valiant when she shows. Dr. Hoerr will be out of town for the same amount of time so we will be praying we have no horse emergencies.
Rhoda, Sarah and Emily arrived home from Kansas City, they had a great trip. They met up with Willie Hofstetter, who is working at a botanical garden there and spent the evening with him then the next day got the VIP tour of the garden with Willie. The place is over 800 acres and the girls said was amazing. Willie would love Peoria company or for that matter any familiar face. If you are traveling through or near Kansas City contact his mom, she can hook you up with Willie.

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