Sunday, July 27, 2014

Blessed Wonderful Sunday

What a wonderful day we had at church today, lots of visitors and visiting ministers. Mark and I went early to help mom and Spark & Rhonda as they were serving lunch today in Peoria. It was my turn for Nancy so Spark's daughter Molly brought her to church for us.  The church was full and the singing today was just beautiful. The morning service was by a visitor from Morris North and the afternoon was by a visitor from Morton. During the baptism service I actually got shivers, feeling the Holy Spirit was descending covering the sanctuary with holiness. Surely God was pleased to see over 800 people worshiping and praising our Lord and Savior Jesus.
Mom took Nancy home with her for a few hours. I picked her up at 4:30 and brought her to our house for supper then drove her home. Mark and I worked on the golf cart tonight and actually got it to take a charge so hopefully tomorrow it will run, wouldn't that be a miracle!
Diane and mom arrived on Diane's golf cart as I was feeding and gave me a ride back to the barn with the buckets then over to mom's where we sat on her deck rehashing the wonderful day.

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