Monday, July 14, 2014


Whisper was suppose to arrive this morning for an ultrasound but when I called her owner I found out she was heading for surgery with a broken arm. Dr. Hoerr was called to cancel. The only mare here that could have been sonagrammed is Emma so we will reschedule when we have more mares ready. That left 3 hours of free time before the farrier was to arrive so down to Meister's I drove to work on entering Bible studies. I almost finished before running out of time. That will help with tomorrows work. We had a short storm come through that dumped 2 tenths of an inch of rain so of course every horse that needed to be trimmed had to be hosed off. Ribbon, Killian, Emma, Jenis, Indy, Marika and Ayanna were all cleaned up and placed in stalls to dry when the farrier called to say he was going to be late by a couple of hours. Well what does one do with clean horses? Take pictures of course. The camera was taken to the outdoor arena first for Ayanna and Violet. Violet is such a show off, she went galloping around the arena without her mom.

Marika and her filly by Evan were brought out next. The filly is 16 days old, very elegant and full of presence. She is something else and knows it.  This filly is going to have Evan's mega hair and Evan's spectacular movement.

She has that extra spunk Evan throws to go right up the levels in dressage. She is for sale for only  $7000.00 and can be reserved with a $500.00 deposit then regular payments.
Once they were put away Cheyenne was brought out. She needed to be covered by Valiant and then pictures taken of her for the website.

We will get riding pictures of her when Rhoda comes over. Emily won't be riding any time soon. The x-rays showed 2 breaks in her wrist. She is going to have to visit an orthopedic surgeon. One of the bones is completely broken in pieces and floating. It sounds like those have to be pinned together.  She also has some tendon and ligament damage. We are praying the surgeon can repair it as good as new.
After supper Mark went out with his trusty chain saw to keep working on the downed trees in the front pasture and his heavy duty weed whacker to weed whack the fence line.

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