Tuesday, July 1, 2014

7800 pounds

We had bad news this morning Jenis is starting to show. We had the vet out 18 days ago to AI her and it looks like we wasted our money. Hadassah is still in and was covered by Killian. Diane drove to work today stopping at TEMCO first to pick up just today's mail as I picked it up yesterday. We were surprised at how much came in in one day. We had a good crew working, besides our regulars of Eva Jean, Diane and I, Emily, Rhoda, David & Kathy Obergfel and their grand son Dakota joined us. We were glad for the help and were almost able to finish by noon. We did not have enough Bibles to finish the last 30 requests. Hopefully the next shipment will come soon.
The big news here was we finally got our hay cut. The hay was ready to cut a month ago but we only had one 2 day window way back then and didn't take it. It is more mature than I would like but still looks good. I'll just have to see how the horses like it once it is baled. After lunch the truck and trailer were taken to FS to weigh. The 2007 Keiferbuilt 4 horse weighs in at 7800 pounds empty. Now we are looking for a truck big enough to pull it fully loaded.
Emily got the mowing done then raked the outdoor arena, it is all ready for vaulting tomorrow. Amy Koch came over tonight. I was so glad to see her, so glad to spend time catching up on all the news. We walked over to mom's to introduce Miss Molly to Amy and by the time we were ready to start walking back Miss Molly was actually coming up to Amy for attention.
Funny the day was so long, so jam packed with jobs and yet when we go to write it down it fits in 3 small paragraphs.

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