Thursday, July 17, 2014

Farmdale Outing

This morning right after the walk pictures needed to be taken of both of the new foals for the website. Ella's colt has amazing movement. He is going to be just like those expensive German Riding Ponies without the high price.
He will end up a black bay. He will look black in the winter but a bit of bay will gleam through with his summer slick coat. Jewel's filly was 3 weeks early and looks it. She was so funny this morning tasting the grass.

Of course she had to try out those long legs after spending the night in the stall.
Both foals were handled then both put out in the pond pasture with Lola, Ayanna and Marika. I now have 5 mare and foal pairs in that pasture. For sure I will need to give them a good alfalfa bale, they will have that pasture eaten down quickly. 
Rhoda arrived and helped move a round bale in for Ribbon and Killian, then we pulled out Indy and Jenis for a trail ride.  We arrived at Bridlewood to pick up Amy Koch and her mare Nora around 11:45 and by the time we arrived at Farmdale, mounted up and started the ride it was 1:00 pm. Rhoda knew of a loop that was around 2 hours so off we went.
 Above I am on Jenis and Amy is on Nora. Rhoda has the camera so snapped the picture before we left the parking lot. Below is the first creek crossing, a great place to give the mares a drink.

 We stopped at a big meadow so Rhoda snapped a few more pictures. 

 We were in some deep woods when a fawn came bursting out of some trees onto the trail. The fawn saw us and froze, Nora kept looking off to the right and below us we saw the doe with another fawn. Somehow the twins got separated.

 We kept the horses still until the second fawn joined in with his mom and sibling, then off they went bounding through the woods and across a meadow. Below is another creek crossing. Nora was trying to steal the grass right out of Indy's mouth.
 We stopped for lunch which Amy had the forethought to provide but didn't stay long there, the mosquitoes started attacking us. We arrived back at the trailer shortly after 3:00 pm, dropped Amy and Nora off at Bridlewood and arrived home by 4:00 pm. While feeding this evening mom came over to show me a hummingbird nest. LuEllen Schafer found it and brought it to quilting and let mom borrow it to show us.  It is very tiny about the size of a half dollar made with fluffy cottonwood then decorated with lichen.

We took the golf cart over to Tim's to show his family, while mom was showing them I was admiring their hydrangeas blooming so beautifully.

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