Saturday, June 21, 2014

Senior High Girls Camp

Today Horsemeister furnished 8 horses for the 2014 Senior High Girls camp. We pulled out with an empty trailer from the Hanna City farm around 10:00 am and arrived at Middle Grove just as Emily, Karin, Mike and Diane were loading the first trailer. All went smooth with loading Mika, Jewel, Jenis and Indy in the stock and Bunni, Sally, Missy and Cookie in the goose neck trailer. As soon as we arrived Emily and Carla had to take Indy and Jenis for a swim to clean all the mud off. Indy was so muddy we sure didn't want to put a saddle on her until the worst was off. After the swim Emily states, "that is the easiest way to give a bath."
Then came the tacking up. Once the horses were tacked and tied up we headed for the pavilion for lunch.
The campers were under the big tent listening to a speaker.

There were tents set up all over the property. Since the school burned down this was option B. 
In the picture below the campers were released to head back to their cabins.
 We saw many reunions going on of friends from far and near. 

The campers make friends for life at these camps. We started pretty quickly with the horse back rides taking sometimes 10 at a time using Mika and Indy to ride double when necessary.

going through the water is always a big plus. The horses can drink and cool off while working.

This camp has much more than just horses. Across the lake are the slides, volcano man cave, rope swings, double decker docks and the vip dock where scuba diving takes place to feed the fish.

 Archery was set up on our side of the lake. The girls had a lot of fun with that.

A big storm blew up suddenly so the girls were called into the pavilion. The lightning strikes seemed to be getting close so Karin and I were discussing what to do with the horses. We only had one trailer available so 4 could stay in and 4 would need to stay out in the storm. I mentioned we should put the most valuable horses in meaning the Friesians and the pregnant mares. Karin right away suggested putting the walkers in. Yep we know what is valuable in her eyes, smooth riding horses!
While the storm was raging the 200 or so girls were crowded into the building singing. I arrived just as they started to sing, Our God is an Awesome God and let me tell you it was so beautiful, so moving I got goose bumps. Even when the rain stopped the singing went on. The campers were released to go back to activities so we got busy again and worked until 4:00 pm. I didn't get home until after 5:00 as I needed to drop off horses at Middle Grove. As soon as I got back to the farm the horses had to be fed, Ayanna and Violet turned out, stalls cleaned and the weanlings cared for. I'm tired.

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