Friday, June 13, 2014


Before walk the machines and supplies were loaded into Mark's van. On Tuesday the Skyline home is having the employee appreciation picnic and they borrow the cotton candy and snow cone machine to help make it fun. Mark was cajoled into delivering them for me as I knew I was going to be running to Morton. Right after the walk Dr. Hoerr's office was called to bring Emma and Jenis in for sonagrams. I wanted to find out the best time to breed Emma and we were planning on AI-ing Jenis which meant we needed to know the best guess for ovulation. Well the soonest Dr. Hoerr could see me was 1:15 pm. Emma was done first and her largest follicle was a 45mm meaning I have at least a day or 2. Then was Jenis' turn and to my discouragement she had just ovulated.Dr. Hoerr felt we should still try the AI so I took both mares home. Dr. Hoerr arrived within the hour collected Evan and inseminated Jenis, now we pray.
Rhonda came by with 4 of her grand daughters all enjoying this beautiful weather.
 Amy Koch sent along the picture below of her mini mare Mocha in the Tremont Turkey Festival parade. She is almost like a mini Friesian.
Diane sent this picture of Jewel's filly Rhiannon. Someone wanted to see her in her summer coat. She is all shed out and lovely, now to just figure out who wanted the picture.
The best picture Diane sent along is the one posted below. This is Paris who was on deaths door not too long ago. Just check out how she is thriving at Middle Grove. She has a new lease on life.
Mark and I spent the evening removing the horsemeister sign from the 2003 Kieferbuilt trailer. We have a lady from Wyoming interested in it and even though I think we should have left the lettering on the trailer for advertising in Wyoming Mark thought they should be removed. OK I admit to feeling a bit sad at seeing that happen. We have enjoyed this trailer for 10 years. I'll have to get Andrew going on a sign for the new trailer.

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