Tuesday, June 17, 2014

PRC Show

We were swamped at Berean today, we even had extra helpers but just couldn't finish on time. Next week Mark wants us to quit early enough so he can join  us for lunch. It is hard to stop when the mountain of mail we get each week just keeps exploding.
After work Emily and I dropped off the Bibles then headed home to start bathing horses. Ravyn's Heart got her first bath and Killian got a good scrubbing. Emily decided to take him to the PRC show tonight.
He did so well.

Killian placed 5th in 2 of his classes and no there were not only 5 horses in the class. Emily was so pleased with Killian, his first show and he was very well behaved. He was walking nose to tail in some of the classes without getting excited. 
I took lots of pictures and posted the rest on the Horsemeister Inc Facebook page. 

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