Saturday, June 7, 2014


We are very sad to report Heidi's body was discovered today by the trail riders. Heidi was mom's beloved dog and companion for the last 8 years. She was buried next to Cain, Diane and Mike's golden retriever. Heidi will be missed.
She doesn't know it but she died a hero. She was accidentally electrocuted down by the creek crossing. No one knew the power was on to the pump down there, the breaker up at the house was turned off. Somehow someway the line became live. It could so easily have been a child going to the creek to play or the horses crossing the creek to touch it first. By Heidi's death a much more tragic accident was prevented.
Heidi was an amazing German Shepherd. She never knew a stranger, she would have been a terrible watch dog, she loved everyone. She would become sassy right before our morning walk by barking and whining, she was so anxious to go. We would tease mom saying, "if we would have sassed back at you like that we would have been spanked for sure." "Heidi must be the favorite daughter."
As loud as Heidi was before the walk when it was bed time, mom would kneel down to pray and Heidi would never make a sound, sitting quietly until mom would tell her, "time to go to bed." Then she would quietly lay down by mom's bed to go to sleep.
Our morning started early again. Karin and Emily helped first bring Eliza, Zalena and the 2 foals into the stalls so the foals could be haltered then led out and loaded into the front of the trailer. Jenis and Emma were put in the back of the trailer and off we drove to Morton, IL for our 8:00 am appointment with Dr. Hoerr. We checked Emma first, her culture is now showing she is clean and she will be ready to cover in 5 days. Jenis was next, there is still some standing fluid in her uterus, she was cultured again then her uterus flushed out with iodine solution. Dr. Hoerr will want to see her again on Monday. Those 2 mares were tied to the trailer and Eliza and her filly brought in. Eliza had a 52 mm follicle, Dr. Hoerr felt she would not make it to Monday before ovulation. She was put back and Zalena brought in and believe it or not she had a 60 mm follicle, ready to pop. The decision was made for Dr. Hoerr to drive out to the farm, collect Evan and AI both mares. We were on the way back to the farm at 9:45 am when our 10:30 appointment arrived to see Misty. Emily rode her then harnessed her up and took the lady looking at Misty for a drive. By the time they were done, the decision was made, Misty will be going to Rose of Sharon Arabians in Brimfield, IL for a 2 week trial. Emily was just going to go eat some breakfast when her company arrived at the same time as Dr. Hoerr. The collection took a little longer than a usual cover but within a hour both Eliza and Zalena were inseminated with Evan's semen. Praying they settled. Emily tacked up Ribbon, Jenis and Sunny for her company and off they went on the trails.

 These were the riders that discovered Heidi. So sad, so sad. The rain was coming down pretty hard so Sunny was just put in a stall and the other horses turned out. Ayanna and Marika were brought in for the night. The people coming today to try out Sunny were suppose to come after lunch, then at 3:00 pm then at 4:15 pm and finally arrived just before 5:00 pm. They brought 5 riders and all took their turn on Sunny.
They all walked, trotted and did lots and lots of canter. Sunny was pretty exhausted by the time they were ready to leave. They loved riding him but felt his ground manners weren't suitable for what they were looking for. By the time they left we were already late for Anni and Ryan's graduation party. 
Ayanna was tested and is now at 250. I will stay the night at the apartment. I'm so glad for dry stalls, the rain has been pounding down for hours. 

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