Friday, June 6, 2014

Night at the Movies

Ayanna and Marika were glad to be turned out after spending the night in the stall. Ayanna is definitely progressing. Both mares were turned out into the big pasture with Ribbon for the morning.
They were enjoying the tall grass, nipping the seed heads off the tops. When Ribbon was full she decided to go exploring and took Ayanna and Marika with her. Emily and I jumped on the golf cart and headed over to the playground to round them up. Ribbon was put away while the other two put in the pasture next to Eliza and Zalena's. Below is Zalena's colt playing in her tail. He is now officially named Total Eclipse.
The morning was spent doing paper work, then running to the bank to make a deposit and the post office to mail out the registrations. When I got back I went to check on the mares in the field and saw Emily's goats playing on the dirt pile. They are leaving tomorrow so I had to go back and get the camera for a few good-by pictures.

Most of us ended up at mom's to go swimming. Emily's uncle Alan arrived from Forrest just in time for a trail ride.

Sunny is perfect for the many guests we have come, we are going to miss him when he sells. The trailer was listed today on Craig's list and a few other websites.

We are asking $13,000.00 for this 2003 Kieferbuilt 2 horse trailer. It has a clear title, brand new easy open awning, never used hot water system and tank for shower, air conditioner that works great. Back tack area with 2 saddle racks in the back that can be removed and collapsed to haul 4 wheelers or 3 horses. No toilet but has a sink and shower. Living quarter area is 7 foot 9 inches on the short wall. It is 7 feet tall and 7 feet wide. It is easily pulled with my F250 Ford truck. This trailer has been well kept and not abused. (It can also come with a free pony named Bonnie).
Sarah is house sitting for Rhoda at a place that has a cow calf pair. The cow and calf got out of the pasture and she has not been able to get her back inside. She got Anni and Jessica to come help but they are still struggling to get that cow back inside.
Karin helped tonight with the evening feeding and bringing in the mares. Ayanna was tested and she is now between 200 and 250. She is sure looking big.
The Sauders hosted Movie night down in their meadow. We watched Night at Museum on the big screen.

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