Sunday, June 8, 2014

Don't Get Attached to the Inventory!

Don't get attached, DO NOT get attached to the inventory, I MUST NOT get attached to the inventory! How can I not? If this foal would have been a colt I would have no problem selling him but she's a filly! A beautiful all black 7/8ths Friesian filly out of Ayanna by Evan, not related at all to Killian. So tempting, so tempting. She is strong, very correct, will have the fantasy hair, the amazing movement and the height everyone wants in a Friesian. She is pictured below shortly after birth.
She must be for sale, I keep telling myself I must have a truck. Her price is $6000.00 and she can be reserved with a deposit of $500.00 then payments until weaning. She is 7/8 Friesian 1/16 Westfalan and 1/16 American Warmblood. 
Now let me tell you about my bizarre night. The rain was pounding down so hard I could not hear the horses on the foaling monitor, only the sound of heavy rain. Since I wouldn't be able to hear Ayanna's water break over the noise I was forcing myself to stay up watching her on the monitor. I must have dozed off because at 12:30 am I jerked away to silence, the rain had stopped. I grabbed the monitor and saw to my horror Ayanna standing next to a dead foal. I watched for another few seconds just to see if maybe the foal would move then grabbed my shoes and ran out into the barn lamenting, "oh Ayanna, oh Ayanna what has happened." To my shock there was nothing in the stall but Ayanna and 1 pile of manure. I know I wasn't dreaming or hallucinating when I saw the dead foal. Ayanna was happy to see me, she had cleaned up every piece of hay so both her and Marika's stalls were cleaned and both mares fed and watered. At that point I went back into the apartment to rest. The baby was born around 3:10 am and she was so strong she was standing within 10 minutes. I watched her root around but by 3:40 am I left them be and headed to the house for a few hours of sleep. 
This morning she was checked and she is doing well. She is strong, even trying a trot around her mom. I watched her latched on, then lay down for a nap.

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