Sunday, October 2, 2011

Trip Home

We wanted to go visit Renee Brown in New Orleans, our first cousin who had a terrible car accident a month ago. She is paralyzed from her neck down. She had a trach put in where they attached a ventilator and can not speak but can move her lips and we did an ok job of lip reading. As New Orleans is almost 4 hours from Gulf Shores, we decided to drive over there on Saturday, then head up 55 for home. Instead of driving around Mobile Bay we decided to take the ferry, as this cut off many many miles. A call was placed Saturday morning to make sure the ferry was running. Fort Morgan, where the ferry leaves from is about 22 miles from the condo and the first ferry out was to leave at 8:45am. We got in line early and the ferry was a no show. We were told at 8:45am they were going to re-evaluate whether the to run the 11:00am ferry. This meant we had to drive all the way back to Gulf Shores then up around Mobile bay arriving in New Orleans around 1:00pm putting us way behind schedule.

After a tearful goodbye with Renee we headed home. We stopped for gas and mom helped by cleaning off the rear window. When we stopped for a frosty around 2:30pm this is what we saw:

Mom struck again! By 8:00pm were getting too exhausted to keep traveling. We stopped at a PearTree Inn and sent Diane and mom in to negotiate a good room rate, walked over to McDonalds where we were served an awful meal by an incompetent slow worker, had a relaxing time in the hot tub then fell into bed. This hotel had great revues, the beds were comfortable and the hot breakfast was fabulous. We were back on the road by 7:30am. We drove past the Arch by 9:30am
and pulled into the shop in Peoria right at noon. When I arrived at the farm, Steven Marchal was just pulling up and showed off the boy's new tricks. The first picture is Valiant showing off the Spanish Walk. The boy is almost 100% on this trick. The next picture is Valiant learning to bow and the last picture is of Evan sitting up.

Great job Steven, it's amazing how these boys are responding to your training!

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