Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Late Late Late

Such a busy day yesterday there just wasn't time to sit at the computer. We had so much mail yesterday at Berean we were not able to finish and finally quit at noon. Check out the calendar Eva Jean is removing, we are finally getting caught up enough to remove the 2010 calendar and put up the 2012 one Eva Jean brought. Yes that was 2012, we skipped 2011 completely!

Eva Jean took the rest of the studies home to process as I was to serve lunch at choir and still needed to do the shopping. Mark and I decided on a taco bar meaning a trip to Walmart for the many ingredients. Steven was good enough to let the dogs out during day while he was there working horses. He also got Zalena covered but didn't know how jealous Izadora would get. It shocked him how terrible she is when Raven is with another mare.
Once home the food was prepared, Diane lent her crock pot as mine is somewhere in the back storage and I couldn't find it. Mark came home from work not feeling well with a bad cold. He just didn't think he should go. Thank goodness for Eva Jean, she was more than willing to help and stayed until the end helping with clean up. Even so it was 10:30pm before getting back to the farm. Surprising out of almost 6 pounds of taco meat only about a 3rd of a pound was left. The remaining meat was put away and the crock pot filled with water to soak for this morning.

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