Friday, October 21, 2011

Email from Laura

Hi, Judy-
I wanted to thank you for Illini! He is such a fantastic dog, truly! We and the kids love him to pieces. I also wanted to know if and when you plan on breeding Emma again? We would love to know as we are so smitten with Illini, that we have realized that the Mastiff is the one breed for us. Thank you for our amazing family friend!
Laura & Rick Weber

WE LOVE hearing from people about ponies and puppies. Thanks Laura for letting us know Illini found a wonderful home and maybe next year we will plan on breeding Emma again. Mastiff's really are the gentle giants of the dog world.
We have just returned from a very enjoyable evening at Bob & Myrna's where we were joined by Bob & Michelle, Vonnie & Verle, Eddie & Christa, Alan & Lois, and Mike & Mindy. The food was better than the finest restaurant, the conversation flowing from one side of the table to the other with laughter ringing. Ahh does life get any better than this?

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