Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Damp Dreary Day

Overslept this morning not waking up until 7:00am. It is a gray dreary day hardly worth getting out of bed for except Braelyn was coming. That put a smile on my face. After the walk we ended up in here for breakfast. We just weren't ready to stop our discussions of the morning. Braelyn played quietly in her johnny-jump-up while the cooking and meal went on.

She really enjoys the freedom this offers.
After the meal she decided it was time to join us at the table.

Philip came to pick her up after lunch, took my car and gave me his truck for the trip tomorrow. Thunder Valley Stables in Northern Wisconsin went out of business and made us an offer we could not refuse. They were the people that stood Flurry and Danny, well Flurry died and Danny was retired so they offered to sell all of their collection and shipping equipment. This includes the phantom, 2 Colorado AVs, the bladders, the 6 foot bladder warmer, the equipment needed to test the semen, the microscope and lots of other items they no longer need. A truck was needed but my truck no longer has a tail gate plus Philip's truck gets way better gas mileage.
Steven came out to work Super, Ciera and Jewel, Karin showed up while he was working Jewel and had to get on to try her out. Karin was very impressed with Super's progress. Nice to see that pony responding quickly and correctly. He will be ready soon for a trail ride. Zalena was covered today, Izadora was put in with the bay mares, Dalia and DaMita. She is so jealous she kicked Raven yesterday after he was with Zalena. Right now she is one unhappy mare, screaming over the gate in her paddock at Raven way over in his. He is ignoring her so perhaps he will be fine this winter without a companion.
The email below came in from Jenni Moser: Judy,
I thought I would send you a couple of pictures. I FINALLY got a couple decent ones of Isabella's Song "Bella" this weekend. As you can see, Jayden seems to adore them as much as we do!!
Thank you again and again for our beloved Palmer and Bella.
Can't wait to breed Bella to Evan one day. He is very impressive.
Jenni Moser

Above is yearling Bella and below is 2 year old Palmer.

Thanks for the pictures Jenni!

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