Monday, October 10, 2011

Good-by JoHanna

Didn't even get back from the walk when I heard a truck coming up the drive with another big machine. The camera was brought out while Dave Hoerr drove it off the truck.

This one had a scoop so large the stroller and Braelyn could easily fit inside.

Dave offered to give her a ride but he was turned down flat. Don't want her parents thinking I'm an irresponsible grandmother.

Dr. Hoerr's office was closed today and the travel health papers for JoHanna were needed by 6:00pm. Rhoda's clinic was open and they were gracious enough to give JoHanna a 2:00pm appointment. The lady coming down to try DaMita was called to inform her we would not be available from 1:30pm until 3:00pm. She had to cancel as that was the time she wanted to come. Once back from the vet clinic, Steven brought Super out, worked him a bit then helped with the video taping. Karin arrived for vaulting, she has Ribbon leg yielding very nicely. After vaulting she usually trains a couple of horses. Last night she was working Jenis while we were walking the back pasture admiring how much work Dave Hoerr got done with his 2 massive machines.
The shippers showed up at 6:00pm, JoHanna loaded quietly and off they drove. Sometimes it is hard to say good-by to these babies, sure hope her owner will keep us informed. She is amazing. At just 5 months old she is SO TALL, the shippers had a coming 2 year old on their trailer that was smaller than she was.
Dakota and Myrcedes are now gone. They left for the trainer for 2 months then will be taken straight to their new home. That gives us an extra paddock with a shelter for this winter.

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