Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Was the last post too rude? Does it need to be removed? Some of the members of this large family were surprised to see a post with sarcasm. We will take a survey, let me know either by email, the comment attachment or phone call, for or against. YOUR VOTE COUNTS! You may have the power to have that last post removed. Now for the record, it was written after a long day at work, a day filled with inconvenient work problems, horses escaping, and a bad night sleep the night before from an awful cold.
During the night horses were squealing, then yesterday morning we found out why, Ribbon and her filly were out all night. The back gate was left open by the last person walking down to see the work on the pond. Only Ribbon discovered that. Steven put her back in with the herd but didn't know about the gate, Ribbon waited until he left, then brought all the mares with her this time. As they were rounded up here come the BOYS! Valiant and Evan were having fun in the back pasture, saw the girls and smashed through the drive side treeline fence. At least they are well behaved and came running straight to ME instead of the girls. They have lost their grazing privilege until that fence line is secure enough to keep stallions in. We were SO spoiled with RAVEN.
Now yesterday wasn't all bad.
Jakob has been marked sold, the buyer sent out the payment yesterday priority mail. We haven't received it yet and very rarely will I mark a horse sold before the deposit is in hand but this is a repeat buyer.
Dalia's owner also sent another large payment. Dalia will be leaving soon, she will need to be brought in from Middle Grove and a new coggins pulled on her.

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