Sunday, October 2, 2011

Spoon River Drive

Rhoda showed up after church and drove Emma, Darcy and me out to the Old School Center in Farmington, IL for the Spoon River Drive. Karin's youth group was doing a fantastic job giving pony rides and selling cotton candy. It was hard to realize how easy I was to replace. Karin had a very successful weekend. Her youth group made over $300.00 but they sure worked hard for that money.

The dogs posed for a picture acting like LIONS on the steps of the school.

Emma found a soft place to lay down, poor Steven.

I must mention how nice the farm looked today. Mark had the mowing done, the weed whacking all finished, the tack room moved, and the electrical ready for hook up. THANK YOU MARK for allowing me the time to relax on a beach while you slaved away taking care of the place and the dogs. THANK YOU STEVEN for letting me go with peace of mind that the horses would be well cared for.

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