Saturday, October 21, 2017

Work from Sunrise to Sunset

Did you know the sun doesn't come up until almost 7:00 am now? I actually drove over to mom's a few minutes before 7:00 and not only was it dark outside, there were no lights on inside. Why those sluggards were still sleeping and already half the morning was gone. Actually mom had woken up around 6:00 am, took her shower, dressed the laid back down following doctors orders. Karin got in around midnight last night. Breakfast was cooked for these two then back I went to get going on a few chores here.
Mark hauled the tractor and log splitter over to the back field and was joined by Joan and 3 of her children and everyone of them worked hard for HOURS.
If you would like to see the rest of the log splitting pictures click HERE. Meanwhile Karin brought out a group for the first trail ride of the day. The morning riders were Anni Davidovics, Hannah Reinhard, Kayla Bragdon and Karin Meister. Ebby was most impatient for the ride to start.
 Bo and Emma were fine with watching the group mount up.

To see the rest of the morning trail ride pictures click HERE. After the trail ride Flynn was haltered and taken to the round pen for a refresher course. He leaves for his new home tomorrow afternoon.

Karin took his halter on and off at least 5 times then practiced loading and unloading from the side door of the trailer. He did almost perfect. Next out was Ethan who was being picked up today. He also was haltered numerous times, led around and then loaded and unloaded.

Rhoda arrived just as Karin was finishing up with him. The second ride of the day was scheduled for Jubilee State Forest. This ride Anni was taking Ayanna, Rhoda riding Rosalie and Karin again on Easter Lilly. Karin took a few pictures and sent them to me. They had a good time.

Ethan's owner arrived just before the trail riders got back. Rhoda was quick to jump out of the trailer and lead Ethan over to his new trailer even before unloading our trailer. The owner was thrilled with him. They have a long trip home though, Ethan will be living in North Carolina.
Nolan dropped off Ari and her puppies this afternoon. Joan's girls and grand daughters came over to play with Ari's puppies.

Karin offered to give them a riding lesson on Indy today. Indy's filly was let out with her mom but she did not stay with her mom, she kept running back to Sangria who would pin her ears and tell her to scram.

The riding lesson went great. The horse was well behaved and by the end of the lesson all 4 were easily trotting Indy around and sitting the trot well. To see the riding lesson pictures click HERE. Below Indy is loaded up ready to head back to the barn.

We almost had a problem though. Just as they were walking into the barn Mark started the power washer. Indy spooked but none of the kids fell off. Mark finished power washing the skid steer and was heading out to power wash the manure spreader. We had a perfect day for washing the equipment. Summer is over and the manure spreader won't be used again until next summer.
Rhoda cleaned all the stalls, swept the barn aisles then hauled garbage to the dumpster. Mark grilled steak and that was taken to mom's along with sweet potato, sauteed onions and buttery mushrooms. Sarah and Nolan brought over Phil and Anna's kids and got pizza for them for dinner. Thankful for sons and daughters that help each other out.

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