Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Senior Lunch Bunch

Mom and I were determined to go to the Senior Lunch Bunch today. First mom said she would drive but for sure I didn't want that to happen, she only has 1 working eye. I told her I would drive as long as it was my car since we have a Prius and I only have to push buttons. I don't have much use of my right arm. We thought that would work out since I can use my left arm and she can use her right eye and between the two of us we could get to the restaurant. Diane and Joan found out what we were planning and had a fit. They determined one of them would take us. Now we know they have busy lives and sure felt bad about them offering. It turned out Diane must have drawn the short straw as she is the one that showed up at 11:00 am to take us. She told us (probably so we didn't feel bad) that she was just going to take a long lunch hour and join us and the group. We thoroughly enjoyed getting out and really enjoyed the company. What a great group of people. The sun came out this afternoon. Karin arrived after work to train horses. By the time I got up to the barn she was already out in the outdoor riding Ayanna.

Rosalie was next
She took Indy in the barn to halter Envy and give her a tying lesson. While she was tied we groomed her up and picked up all 4 of her hooves. She is doing better with us handling them. When they were taken to the round pen, Envy decided to have a ball galloping around the place. 

For dinner tonight Mark had ordered three meals from Home Chef. Tonight we decided to cook the Glazed pork tenderloin meal.  This gourmet meal came with all the ingredients and the instructions. The prep time was 45 minutes and it really did take ALL of that time to prepare and cook it. The meat was delicious but the green beans were not at all to our liking. They were roasted with shallots and fresh chopped rosemary but honestly would have been better cooked in chicken broth. Roasting them just dried the green beans out. The meal was not worth the 45 minutes to prepare. Hope the other two are easier and tastier.
Ruth came over tonight for a ride to church. Willis Ehnle had the service. We are so thankful Willis is still willing to preach. He sure tells it like it is. I'm so thankful to be back at church and under the sound of the Word.

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