Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Ruined Character

I had such a good night sleep, there really is nothing like being home. I awoke at 4:50 am to the sound of the gurgle of the coffee maker and tried to make myself stay in bed for those 10 more minutes needed to finish brewing my first cup of the day but just couldn't do it. I have this rule in my head about not stealing a cup (so the next few are not weak) but just had to break the rule. Mark must have been up during the night and was still sound asleep but just before 7:00 am I heard him stirring and asked if he would like breakfast. His delicious looking breakfast was cooked, on the plate and just as I was carrying it into the dining room Ruth walked in. She was shocked to see me up and more shocked that I cooked breakfast for Mark. Yesterday on the way home Karin and I decided to surprise the walkers with how good I was doing this morning so she led Ruth to believe I was very weak. Needless to say ALL the walkers were pretty surprised. Joan came bringing a plate of those amazing tasting vegetable pizzas that were left over from choir. These things are some of my favorites and I was pretty thrilled. Thank you to whoever was serving at Choir.  The walkers took it easy on me, we just did flat ground then went in to join mom for breakfast. Diane, Ruth and Joan cooked while mom, Karin and I sat at the table waiting to be served. That being in the hospital really does ruin one's character. Now we just sit around expecting to be served. Mom was so funny. She has her eye patch on and must sit with her head down after surgery yesterday to repair a detached retina. She carries around her mirror so she can see us but I don't think she had it at the table. Before we were even served I was announcing how good the food looked, when mom exclaims, "MY plate is still empty!" Oh how we laughed.
Sarah came this morning bringing her daughter Zion Victoria. Both mom and I were so thrilled to meet this newest baby in the family.
I mentioned that we have 4 generations here and should probably get a picture of great grandma with Zion when Sarah says, "but grandma is so ugly right now!" yep  we laughed. Ruth decided that if she would brush our hair maybe we could get a decent picture so finished brushing mom's then mines and only when mom saw her putting the brush away exclaimed, "that's the DOG'S brush!" That set us off laughing again. Did I ever mention that it hurts to laugh right now. We will wait for a real picture of these two once mom's eye patch comes off but isn't that eye patch impressive!
Ruth took mom to the eye doctor, Karin fed all the horses and I just laid on the couch getting waited on. Anna arrived with Taegan and Kensley bringing with her a bag of honeycrisp apples. We had a good visit ate some of those delicious vegetable pizzas when John arrived with a gift for Zion. It was such a cute outfit that we couldn't imagine John would give that so knew it really must be from Beth. Sarah and Anna left but John had time to kill waiting for mom to get home from the doctors appointment we had plenty of time for a good visit. He came bringing soup bones for mom from his Saturday butchering. He promised to get me bones soon.
This afternoon I worked on the puppy pictures from yesterday. Ruby's puppies eyes had just opened a few days ago. Who would have ever thought PugaPoo Puppies could be cute.
Rhoda reported that ALL of Ruby's puppies are now sold. Actually they have been for a while. I think who ever got one is going to be THRILLED! To see the rest of the pictures of Ruby's PugaPoo Puppies click HERE
IF you are still looking for a small non shedding puppy Sarah still has 4 available. Her dog Arrieta gave birth to 4 darling Maltipoo puppies, 2 female, 2 males. The red male and female are priced at a very reasonable $1300.00 and the cream colored male and female are only $950.00. 
 The red male is pictured below, To see the rest of his pictures click HERE
The cream male is pictured below, to see the rest of his pictures click HERE
The red female puppy is pictured below. To see the rest of her pictures click HERE
The cream female puppy is pictured below. To see the rest of her pictures click HERE.  
These puppies will be ready to go to their new home in December. If interested in purchasing a puppy just send Sarah a text (309) 208-1589 or send an email to
I'm starting to drag and believe I'll just lay down on the couch for a nap.  I slept so hard for 3 hours that when Mark walked in right before 6:00 pm it was all I could do to open my eyes. Diane and Mike stopped in bringing food and fellowship. When they left I walked into the kitchen and found an entire meal of delicious spaghetti, meat sauce, salad and bread waiting on the counter. No idea when Ruth brought it but it sure was delicious. Who knows if I'll ever feel like working when everyone around here is doing all the work around here without me. Yes, this surgery really is ruining my character. 
Mom and I listened on line tonight since neither of us can travel.  Greg Rumbled had the service.  It would have been good to be there but listening is the next best thing.  Sure can feel the love of our church family pouring through the internet lines. 

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  1. Oh Judy, you are amazing--and our great Healer is amazing! I miss you and your fun family! I'm so glad to know that you're doing so amazingly well!!! ❤️💕❤️