Saturday, October 7, 2017

Esther Sold

Rhoda sent some good news from home, she sold Esther and the man picking her up can come next week.
I know they are going to be happy with her, she really is a nice filly. Anna, Phil, their three daughters, and Karin arrived last night. Anna's aunt Jolene came all the way down from Winthrip to here to pick up the girls so Phil and Anna and Karin could easily spend time in the hospital here torturing me.
I felt great and am really anxious to get out of here. Actually we found out, only because Anna arrived that I was putting the oxygen nasal cannulas upside down and once we put them in correctly my oxygen level shot up enough that I am no longer on oxygen. The best thing that happened today was getting my first shower. Sandy one of my great nurses here at the step down unit was really good at giving  showers even washing my hair twice.
My other nurse is Kylee. She is kind and helpful,  below she is helping split the chest tubes so we can find out if both or just one is draining.
Anna's Aunt Jolene sent a few pictures of the girls activities today.

They were having a ball until Taegan got sick from eating too much fried food. Karin really helped out today sneaking in a couple packets of salt for my lunch today. I have to say that hospital food has not been at all overrated, they expect one to eat with no salt. We hid one of the salt packets in the Kleenex tissue box for later. Then Phil and Anna arrived with a bunch more salt packets. Do I have good help or what!
One not so good update is that the chest tubes are leaking oxygen level dropped and I am back on oxygen. Oh well 3 steps forward and only 1 back isn't too bad.


  1. Wonderful news. Looks like you are doing well. Keep putting one foot in front of the other!! Prayers continue.

  2. So thankful you are doing well! Thanks, Lord, for answered prayers! Praying for continued healing!

  3. ... and you haven't lost your great sense of humor! So glad you are getting good care from nurses, family and Your Father!