Friday, October 13, 2017

A Little Stronger

I figured out today why I was so exhausted yesterday.  Duh, I did too much on Wednesday. After a great night sleep, this morning I was ready to go. Mark gave me a ride to mom's. Ruth brushed my hair before the walk and even had time to brush mom's too. We made sure today she used the human brush. Still can't do the hills but the flats are now fine. Hoerr vet clinic was called this morning to make an appointment for health certificates and ultrasounds. Dr. Hoerr is coming Monday afternoon. Sure hope he comes while Rhoda is still here.  After the walk Diane brought over her golf cart. Hers is running but had a bad tire leak. Mike took a good tire off Mark's cart, put it on Diane's cart and now I'm good to go. Mike also got mine charging and talked to Spark about fixing the driveshaft problem. We will haul that to Meister Electric soon. I took Diane's cart up to the barn where Karin was working with Valiant. He had already had a good roll in the wet sand.
 Below he is getting his back scratched. He loves that and stretches his neck out and his head up just hoping she will not stop. 
 She had already worked with Evan and was just finishing up with Valiant when I arrived. Next out was Oksana and her filly Darla. Darla was taken back into the stall, haltered then given a tying lesson. 

 Karin picked up all 4 of her hooves. Yesterday was the first day Darla was worked with in a while. So today all the handling just reinforced good behavior. This month old Friesian filly never once offered to kick out. She is learning quickly to stand quietly when tied and is getting good at picking up her hooves and holding. 
 Today we let Oksana and Darla in with Sangria and Serenity then opened up the back gate to the pond pasture. Sangria is such a ditz, she saw that open gate and took off running, got about 50 feet, slammed on her breaks, turned around and ran back for her baby screaming all the way. She was so excited about being turned loose she had momentarily forgotten her filly. Below the mares are in the lead followed by both fillies. 

They enjoyed the pasture across the pond. Karin and I ate lunch then sat out on the driveway in the warm sunshine for about 10 minutes then decide we may as well get really comfortable and take the golf cart over to mom's and join her on her patio. Beth stopped by for a visit then Rhonda. They took mom out to the Goose Ranch with them. Beth wanted to show mom the cabin she moved into plus they were returning Harvey (Spark and Rhonda's motor home). Harvey was a good temporary living place for Beth and Greg but it just can't beat  moving into a cabin with TWO bathrooms and more than 1000 square feet. After enjoying the company and sunshine at mom's it was time to get back to work. Karin was actually going to drop me off at the house for a nap but instead we pulled Sangria and her filly out for her haltering, tying and handling instructions. Below Karin is picking up her hooves. 
 She is getting haltered again and again. Repetitive handling does wonders on foals.  
 She is following her mom out of the barn in the picture below. 
Once they were put away the golf cart was taken back down to the garage and then I laid down to rest falling asleep and sleeping soundly for a couple hours. I can't believe how much sleep is needed. Rachel stopped in with dinner and a visit late this afternoon. Mark went out to work on driveways and spreading manure but the manure spreader chain broke again. He ended up mowing the lawns after dinner. Emily stopped in for a nice visit then went up to Jessica's to play with the Pug puppies. Sarah and Nolan stopped in with Zion and let me hold her for a while. This little princess is so precious. They were meeting people at the Warehouse for dinner tonight. I was thankful they stopped in as Mark got the mower stuck and Nolan was here to help pull it out.

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