Sunday, October 8, 2017

Hurricane Nate

When us sisters were all new married and had young children Diane and I had somewhat difficult kids while Beth had 2 perfectly behaved young children and would give us two older sisters all kinds of parenting advice. AND then came Nate! Both Diane and I were so happy to see Beth really wasn't the perfect parent. Nate just got into everything, he was like a miniature hurricane coming through leaving havoc where ever he showed up. When all the family that was down in Gulf Shores heard that Hurricane Nate was arriving, most left for home. Only Beth and Greg (who lived through the real Nate) and Spark and Rhonda decided to ride it out in Gulf Shores. This morning we hear they are alive and doing well. Below are a couple pictures sent by Rhonda. The picture below was taken right in front of their complex and were already up to the sea oats.
The waves were massive and obviously looking at the picture below of Spark hanging on to the railing the winds must have been tremendous.
Beth said there was some flooding and they are busy cleaning up the area but all are safe.
I had quite an evening with my new nurse Alex. No pictures of Alex, we didn't think to take any, but the first thing he comes in to teach us heart patient education. Of course I need to interrupt to tell him, "Technically, I'm not a heart patient." He looked over at my incision and thought maybe I needed to be on the psych ward. I'm trying to explain I have no heart problems, all my arteries are open, my heart is strong and no high blood pressure and he is trying to tell me I can have no salt on my food and eat egg whites and margarine. Well that started the room in an uproar, Karin starts talking about the salt packets hid in the Kleenex boxes, we are laughing so hard that tears are escaping and poor Alex is telling us we are acting like squirrels storing up food for the winter. After Alex left the room Karin and Anna took the salt packets and started putting them all over the room where Alex works. Just 1 picture was taken.
This backfired on us. The next time Alex came in he turned on the bed alarm and when I woke up in the middle of the night to grab a tissue I just shifted enough and it seemed the entire hospital was alerted with a high pitched siren. When my night nurse Tarah came running in, she was a little stunned that Alex had turned on the bed alarm. I just said quietly, "he probably doesn't trust me." I've had a busy morning and just found out one of the chest tubes will be coming out today, the other on Monday with possible release on Monday. I can't wait to get home!

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