Sunday, October 8, 2017


The big news for me today was the removal of one of the chest tubes and the removal of the wound vac.
Below is the nurse practitioner of our floor pulling it out while Kylee works on bandages.
As soon as both of those jobs were done the PTA showed up to make sure I was ready to do stairs. Of course Karin and Anna went along to document everything and make sure their pupil (me) was the star of the day. Yes I did the stairs great.
When I passed the stair climbing I was ready to dance. Actually it looked like I was dancing but really was doing another exercise in the hall of standing on one leg.

This afternoon my visitors arrived. Anna's aunt and uncle brought Braelyn, Taegan and Kensley here to meet up with Phil and Anna for their long road trip home. The girls were pretty fascinated with the wiring and tubes.
Mark left with them and will be back to work on Monday. Karin is staying here to bring me home but it doesn't look like it will be tomorrow. The good thing though is now I have been cleared to walk by myself and don't need to be babysat. There are a bunch of tests that will have to be done before discharge so it looks more like we will be leaving on Tuesday for home.
I have no horse news to report except Emily and Rhoda gave Evan a new bale. All the horses are doing well. Karin has just now left for the apartment and I am on my own for the night.

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  1. Missing you Judy.We will all be happy to have you home again!