Saturday, October 14, 2017

Crazy Saturday Crazy Rain

Rain was predicted all day but instead of rain we had a wonderful warm South wind with sunshine this morning. Mike and Diane were at Middle Grove. Mike took the short video below of the herd all spread out grazing:
not all horses can be seen, there were quite a few under the trees.
Karin and Kayla arrived but instead of working mares first I needed to have a halter put on Esther and round pen session for her as she is to leave for her new home tomorrow. Esther hadn't been touched since before I left for Mayo Clinic so we were all very pleased she remembered her training. Below Karin has led her to be barn to grab some grooming tools.
 Above she is waiting patiently for Karin to come back out and below Karin and Kayla are giving her a quick groom. 
 She was happy to be in the round pen and took off at a gallop. 
 Showing us some of her father Evan's moves. 
 She listened well to Karin and was taken back to the other weanlings within a few minutes. 
 Next out was Oksana and her filly Darla. We wanted Darla to get another haltering, tying and hoof lesson. Kayla was in charge of sitting on Oksana so Darla can continue to get use to a human up there. 
 This is the 3rd day in a row for Darla and she is remembering very well not to pull back. 
 Karin got all four of her hooves picked up without much problem. 
 They were taken out and Sangria and her filly Serenity brought inside. She too is improving but not quite as fast as Darla. Probably because she is only half her age. 
 When Karin took the halter off, Serenity ran over to her mom and looked at us all insulted before sticking her head under to nurse. 
 Kayla led Sangria out to the paddock. 
 The rain was still holding off but we could hear grumblings to the West of us. Titiana was taken out next. Kayla always cleans the round pen before they work with Titiana so she won't be distracted.  By this time Karin had her shirt sleeves rolled up. It really was that warm out. 
 Titiana just followed Kayla around watching her. 
 When Kayla finished she asked Titiana to move first to the left and then to the right. 

 Studly loves 'helping' with the round penning. 
Below Kayla is asking Titiana to come in to her. 
 The next thing asked of Titiana is Kayla hooks up the lead rope then desensitizes her to the whip. 
 Rhonda arrives with a full 4 wheeler of grandchildren. Of course Emma had to check that out. 
 Jessica's Pug Bo had to also check out this contraption. Spark's family were all busy cutting down a huge dead oak tree so Rhonda was keeping the grandchildren safe and occupied. 
 Mark got the manure spreader fixed and finished spreading the manure pile. 
 Below Kayla is leading Titiana back to the paddock after a very successful training session. 
 We went in for lunch and a break then this afternoon Karin took Evan out of his paddock so Mark could scrape that and ended up filling up the manure pile again. 
 Evan was pretty funny. He really didn't want to work today so started out pretty low key. 
 And then exploded. 

 Below Karin is asking him to lay down. 

 As soon as he got back up he took off again galloping. 

While Karin was doing the relaxing technique on him I saw the fillies playing in the pond pasture. I drove the golf cart over quick to see if I could get some pictures of them playing together but instead they all came running to the gate. Below is Darla.
Below Mark has just about finished Evan's paddock. 
 He would take out a load of manure and add a load of lime. 
Just as he was finishing up the rain started with ice cold huge drops. Both Karin and I got soaked and chilled getting Evan put away. Karin was dropped off at her car and I ran back to the house to get dry and warm only I couldn't get my shirt off. The rain had it stuck to my back and I don't have the strength to lift my hands over my head pulling off a shirt. I was glad Mark was willing to help. He jumped in the shower to warm up and I wrapped myself in a warm blanket and lay down for a nap. We had Diane's home made turkey soup for dinner tonight. It was hot and delicious. Diane found a wheelbarrow on the Spoon River Drive and bought it for the barn. It was $30.00 but we are always short of wheelbarrows. Sarah sent a text that one of the Cavapoo puppies are now sold. That sure didn't take long, these puppies are just 1 day old. The one that already sold is the red female with the white line down her face. She looks like her full sibling from the last litter. I've posted her below, No wonder she sold so quickly, they are just so cute. 
This evening another storm came through with lots of lightning and thunder and dumping an inch of rain. So thankful to have a sister who has a passion for training. 

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