Sunday, October 29, 2017

Birthday Parties

This was mom and my first Sunday back to church and we got to stay all day. Last week didn't count as it was only half a day and I only got to sit through 1 message. What an amazing day to come back. Greg Rumbold had the first service and Dave Obergfel had the second. I HIGHLY recommend getting on the AC Central and listening to both messages. The Holy Spirit was coming right out of both of those Brother's mouths. Both mom and I looked at each other and mouthed "WOW".
Listening on line is ok but there is NOTHING like being there. The lunch fellowship is the 3rd service of the day. That didn't come from me, I heard Craig speak on the 3rd service when he was having the message in Denver. I'm so very thankful for Peoria.
This afternoon I was out checking waterers and snapped the pictures below. Envy was busy checking me out hoping to see the grain bucket. That's Darla in the back ground.
Sangria had her head in the hay bale while Serenity napped in the comfortable hay.
Darla is the most vocal foal on the place. She was talking to me in the picture below:
Easter Lilly came in season today. Karin and Nolan were going to work together to have Valiant cover her but by the time Nolan got out there Valiant had the job done.
We decided as soon as Easter Lilly is confirmed in foal she will be placed for sale as a 2/1 package with LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE for only $5000.00. The foal is worth that but we want a good home for Easter Lilly. It isn't her fault we don't need any big riding horses or more foals for 2018. We aren't going to be giving her away, we know what the foal is worth but if interested in purchasing her we will need to know where she is going, do you have other horses, are you on good terms with your vet and do you have enough hay. This mare eats a lot. 
After church Karin had a trail ride scheduled. She used Rosalie, Ayanna, Indy and Oksana. It was cold but all had fun.

 Karin rode Rosalie, Nolan rode Oksana, Tyler rode Ayana and his wife Samantha rode Indy. 

As soon as they got back we left for Phil and Anna's. This evening we celebrated the birthdays of 5 year old Taegan and 3 year old Kensley. Below we are singing Happy Birthday to them
 Kensley trying to blow out her candles.
 Taegan opening her card. 
 Kensley's card had a dog on it, Kensley loves all animals. 
 Baby Zion
Opening the 'big gift'
 Sarah found the doll house and everything that goes in it at a garage sale.
 Everyone had fun playing with that. 
 The volley ball players left for the gym in Hanna City. Now that the weather has turned bad they must play inside.

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