Monday, October 23, 2017

Envy at 3 Months Old

We had a damp dreary morning, the kind of morning that makes the bones ache, especially broken sternum bones. When Rhoda arrived to start working on Mark's back garage, I just couldn't make myself leave the house and go out. At least she brought her puppies so I had something to play with.

Sarah arrived before noon with a meal for Mark, me and mom. It was a very good sweet potato shepherds pie. I took some over for mom for her lunch except Joan had just arrived and prepared a meal for her first. Mom tasted Sarah's and said  "put it in the fridge, I will have it for dinner."
By 2:30 pm the sun broke through the clouds and felt wonderful. That energized me enough to head up to the barn to see how Rhoda was doing on the garage. She was just loading a bunch of garbage into the car to take over to the dumpster.
Karin arrived after she got off work to start training horses. Just before Rhoda was ready to leave for the day, Karin was riding Rosalie and having a ball.

Rhoda kept remarking how beautiful Rosalie was going and it didn't take much for Karin to talk Rhoda into hopping on and giving her a whirl.

This last Raven daughter is so very talented. At 4 years of age she is almost considered beginner safe. She is steady and has a very balanced canter.  After Rhoda left Karin brought Indy and her filly Envy into the stall, haltered Envy, tied her, picked up all 4 of her hooves and gave her a quick groom. They were then taken into the big barn and Indy saddled. Below are a few pictures of Envy. She is exactly 3 months old today.

She is very tall for a 3 month old filly but then her mom Indy is HUGE. Karin finished up with Indy then put them both away. She did not have time to work with Easter Lilly today but that mare did so well at Jubilee on Saturday she probably deserves a couple days off. 
Mark got home from work bringing our new coffee maker. We cleaned it up, filled it once with water and ran that through. It works!  Now I'm looking forward to morning. 

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