Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Sheena UPdate

Dr. Pallen came this morning to check all of Sheena's wounds and we are glad to report they are all healing well with no sign of infection. The front one was unwrapped first and since it was not bleeding at all, just rewrapped.
 The hind leg was unwrapped and there was bleeding. That was washed well, treated then rewrapped. There is healthy flesh growing where there use to be proud flesh. 
 Below Dr. Pallen is just finishing up both legs. 
 After the vet left I needed to head in to Meisters to pay the first of the month bills.  When I got home it was just so hot I decided to go cool off in mom's lake and ended up floating a while. Karin arrived when she got off work and started her after work job with Valiant.
 Studley got to come today. The grass in the fields is so high we could hardly see Studley. We need to cut the hay but more rain is in the forecast. The hurricane has left the gulf states and has made it up here tonight. 
 Valiant was excellent today. 

 Karin took him from the round pen into the arena to finish with him. That is such a nice arena and we are thankful for it. 
 After Valiant was put away, Karin pulled Indy out to start getting her in shape. Do you see why we thought she was still pregnant in the picture below? We were taking it easy on her all summer believing she was carrying a foal. 
 She is so out of shape Karin couldn't work her long. 
 Rebekah, Faith and Karin finished the riding by taking Sangria, Missy and Oksana out on the trails. It was a bit cooler on the trails under all the trees than in the arena. 

Mom invited us to dinner tonight before church. She served a rotisserie chicken with salad, biscuits with home made jam,  squash from Karin, and melon from me. It was delicious.  Mark drove Diane, mom and me to church tonight. Tim Funk had the message. A phone call came this evening from the shipper for Ella, Hadassah's filly by Evan. He is going to be here in the morning. It has been raining all evening so as soon as we got home from church Ella was put in a stall, the stalls cleaned, the stalled horses (Ella and Sheena) fed and watered and now I'm ready for bed. Just one more thing to write. Sharon Hodel tonight told me that yesterday when Sheena fell, she wondered if she was neighing, "help, I've fallen and can't giddyup!"

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