Thursday, September 6, 2018


Our rain gauge this morning showed 2 full inches of rain fell during the night and it continued to rain pretty much all day today but lightly giving us only another half inch.  More rain is expected for the next 2 days. Gordon the hurricane has left the coast and came all the way here to visit with heavy moisture laden clouds and he just can't wait to rain on our parade. Ha, he missed our parade by 12 days. At least Gordon brought cooler weather.  Hadassah's filly, A Dreamy Ellagance (Ella for short) left for her home in New Mexico this morning.
The transport for her arrived at 8:00 am with a big truck and trailer. As it was still pouring, the driver just drove right inside the indoor arena to load.
Bobby, the driver was also the owner of the transport company and I was impressed with his professional and kind behavior. He and his wife Rhonda own Dickson Equine Stage Lines LLc. I HIGHLY recommend him for shipping weanlings or any other horse for that matter. His website link is 
Ella's stall was cleaned and Sheena moved into that stall for the day.  As it was raining pretty much all day I worked on removing the ceiling tiles in the living room.
They had started to fall so before he left this morning Mark moved in a ladder which made the job easier. I would remove a section, clean up the tiles and debris then start on another section finishing after lunch. All of the debris was placed in bags and hauled out to the cart. When Mark got home he used Karin's 4 wheeler to take the cart over to the dumpster. Thankfully it has stopped raining right then. 
We are not yet sure what we are going to replace the ceiling with. Mark is checking on bamboo.  It is much easier and quicker doing the destruction than the coming construction. 
Dr. Pallen arrived on her way home from work and brought with her Mindy, a 4 year student from U of I. Mindy helped keep track of all the supplies Dr. Pallen used and then left for me to use tomorrow and Saturday.  When Sheena's leg was unwrapped we were both pleased at how well it is healing.
 It was cleaned again with iodine scrub, then rinsed off with saline, sprayed with a wound healing solution and rewrapped. 

Before leaving Dr. Pallen counted out all the supplies needed to do this ourselves and packed them in a box.  This is enough to get Sheena through the weekend. We have Dr. Hoerr coming on Monday for ultrasounds and hopefully by Monday we will know if that skin flap will need to be surgically removed. 
Before coming back inside, Sheena was fed, watered and given her bute and left for the night.  We had a quiet evening and will probably head to bed early.

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