Monday, September 10, 2018

Foal Videos

Today was extra busy. But before I get into today's news Rachel has some news. There is now ONLY 1 pug puppy left out of the litter of 5.  The other 4 are all sold. Below is a picture of this puppy with her daddy Bo. These Pug puppies are just adorable and I see why they sold so fast. This female puppy is CKC registered and Rachel is asking $1000.00 for her.
After the walk I took the truck and trailer to TSC in Pekin, IL to pick up 6 hog panels and return the 6 cattle panels they sold Mike telling him they didn't have any hog panels. When I called TSC the manager told me they have 79 hog panels and she KNOWS they are there.  As soon as I got back the trailer was backed into the indoor arena, the panels unloaded there and Jenis, Sangria, Soul and her colt loaded. The first trip to Middle Grove was to drop them off and pick up the mares and foals we needed here for Dr.Hoerr's visit today. He was coming to draw blood for the coggins test, ultrasound mares and check out Sheena's leg.  I had to wait for Karin's help to load the mares and foals at Middle Grove as the driveway is still under construction because of all the rain last week. I snapped the picture below while waiting for Karin. With all the rain the grass is growing again and the horses are loving it.
 When Karin got off work we were able to load Foxy, her filly Ilyssa, Madiera, her filly Isla, Jewel and her filly Inez. We put them right into the stalls, haltered the foals, groomed them all up and while we were waiting for Dr. Hoerr got a video and some pictures of Inez for her owner. Inez was perfect for grooming. She stood tied quietly and let us handle every part of her without a fuss. I even brushed out her feather on all 4 legs.

The movement of Jewel's foals by Evan is always impressive. 
Madiera's filly needed a bath, she was standing under her mom's tail in the trailer and when her mother went..(you all know what I mean)..she got covered.  We were pleased with how well she did for the hosing off and clean up. Dr. Hoerr arrived right after that and got Foxy and her filly's blood drawn and pictures taken for the paper work. Both did excellent. Karin put them in the round pen to free up a stall for Missy. While she was getting Missy, Dr. Hoerr drew blood from Isla, Madiera's filly.  Missy's ultrasound was next and Karin was very disappointed to hear that Dr. Hoerr pronounced her pregnant.  I ONLY covered her once with Evan and ONLY because her 2018 filly by Evan is gorgeous! 
Missy is due July 29th, 2019.  Karin had Prissy ready for her ultrasound as Dr. Hoerr was finishing up with Missy. We took Missy out the left stall door as Prissy entered the stall from the right door. Prissy too was pronounced pregnant.
She was bred to Valiant the day she was brought here and was out of season the very next day so the timing was perfect for her.  Prissy is due Aug 1st, 2019. Her owner was sent a text with that news. Next we worked on Sheena's leg. As soon as Dr. Hoerr left Madiera and her filly were taken to the outdoor for a quick video and a couple of pictures for the website.

She also has very nice movement.
The lady that was waiting to see her video did not want any slow motion. I usually always place some in a video as it shows the real movement better than real time but she didn't want any so didn't get any.  We were going to haul them all right back but decided to also take a quick video of Foxy's filly Ilyssa. When I say quick I really mean quick. We spent no more than a couple minutes on each one of these videos as it was getting late.

Ilyssa is more than likely sold. The lady buying her is from Kansas and mailed the deposit check today. I'll mark her sold once that check comes.  We took them straight to the trailer, all 6 loaded right up with no drama at all and off I drove to Middle Grove for the second trip of the day.  It was almost 7:00 pm by the time I got home. The videos were uploaded, the pictures done and now it is time to head back up to the barn to take care of Sheena for the last time today.  What I didn't get done is the stalls, no food was prepared for Berean tomorrow, the Berean mail wasn't picked up in Peoria. Looks like I'll need to leave early tomorrow morning to get everything done before 9:00 am.
Just one more item to write about. Sarah and mom drove home from church with us yesterday. Mom was wearing Aunt Emily's dress, the one she was buried I mean the one mom wants to be buried in but Sarah thought she said the one Aunt Emily was buried in and asked, "You dug her up?"  

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