Thursday, September 6, 2018

Home Escape

Not satisfied with VRBO and Airbnb?  Tired of paying all those extra fees?  There IS another option.  Diane found the company Home Escape. This company is competition for VRBO and actually is listening to the owners! Home Escape is NOT charging all those extra fees that both Airbnb and VRBO tack on to both the owner AND the renter. If interested check out their website by clicking on  It is easy to navigate while looking for a place to vacation.  I even signed up the foaling apartment. Diane has her Gulf Shores townhome listed in both places.

I highly recommend checking this out yourself whether you are a renter OR an owner .
Diane's ad on VRBO  click HERE  then compare it with her ad on HomeEscape by clicking HERE
I checked into renting her condo for June of 2019 in both ads and the savings for the renter was $215.00. Just think how many meals out or groceries one could buy with that extra $215.00. Or if you are a shopper just think how much fun having that extra money would be.
Check out the ad in HomeEscape for the foaling apartment by clicking HERE

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