Friday, September 14, 2018

Old People Problems

Mom broke a tooth off a few weeks ago and just recently got her new tooth but this false tooth is  supposed to come out when she eats. Yesterday afternoon she had taken it out to eat an apple when Spark came over unannounced with Dr. Sterrett. Mom was flustered about not having her tooth in and with her previous brain aneurysm couldn't remember where she put it and with her bad eye (from the torn retina) couldn't find the tooth quickly and with her knee replacement couldn't jump up quickly to search. She asked Spark to help her find it but then wasn't wearing her hearing aids and couldn't hear him when he said it was on the table.  She told Dr. Sterrett to make himself comfortable while she literally pulled herself together.  For some reason she won't let us take pictures of her smiling when her front tooth is not in place. This morning she forgot to put in the tooth and the hearing aids so this morning on the walk we were having a fun time teasing her and trying to get her picture.  We have been wanting to use this for a while. A few weeks back before she got her tooth replacement we had some people from California stay at our horsebarn apartment and so wanted mom to knock on their door with a big smile and a pipe stuck in that missing tooth part and say, "we ain't never met anyone from Californy before, can I take youall's picture?"  She wouldn't do it! Sometimes mom is just no fun at all. BUT all-in-all she IS a lot of fun. Below is a picture taken last night of mom and Aunt Bernie at the Berean banquet. (she has her tooth in)
Aunt Bernie is 89 years old and mom is 86 years old. Mom made our growing up lives fun. She always knew what we would want for birthdays and Christmases and we had no idea how hard that job is until we got married and had kids of our own.  And to think she had 11! She was and still is a stay at home mom that is rarely home. She volunteers at Berean every Tuesday and quilts at the church every Thursday. That is, she does that when she is not traveling to China or her condo at Gulf Shores. She and dad loved to travel and their last long trip together was to take a truck camper for months traveling to and then around Alaska. She is still active and is leaving for Gulf Shores next weekend and plans to go boogie boarding but will for sure have to take her tooth out then.

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