Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Shopping At the Best STORES

Well the shopping went amazing this morning. Diane's house had a big horse picture that matched perfectly in the second bedroom and Ruth had a huge mirror that will go perfect in the main bedroom. Who needs stores when there are houses with the perfect accessories.  Joan went garage saleing and found a horse picture for one of the rooms. I'm thankful for their help. Another booking came in for the apartment through airbnb and this one is for August 10th and 11th. They are flying in from California and coming for a robotics competition. On the walk this morning the walkers stopped in to see some of the improvements Diane made last night.  I left after the first round as I needed to drive to TEMCO to pick up the Berean mail.  We had a good amount of mail but plenty of volunteers today. If you would like to read about our day at the Berean office click HERE.
I made it back just a few minutes before Mercedes's got here to pick up her mare Lacy. They came pulling up in that fancy big semi truck.
The paper work was done, Lacy the Appaloosa mare was loaded then I headed in to get some work done inside.  Just a few minutes later a truck pulled up and Don Kummer, a Friesian breeder from Canton, IL stepped out. He wanted to discuss breeding one of his Friesian mares and wanted to see the boys. Don still has Buddy, a Raven son out of a saddlebred mare named Charming Robin.
This evening Mark went to work weed whacking while I moved bales then mares. Lily was teased and is still a no show. Jenis and Sangria are still in but not covered today as they were yesterday. \It was such a pleasant evening that when the work was finished we sat out on the patio until dark. Below are a few pictures taken yesterday of the trail rides.

 Below Mark is mowing the pond pasture. 
On the walk this morning mom was looking at the weeds along the fence line of the paddocks and mentioned Mark needs to weed whack that. This evening that's exactly what got weed whacked. All of the fence lines and all of the paddocks.  He was using the powerful brush cutter weed whacker, the one with the metal blade for that big job. It is over 2 horse power and does the job.  Karin always says, "Mark has the right tools for every job." and that seems to be true.
Spark and Rhonda came over tonight with SAD sad news. Molly and Gabe's dog Teddy was killed this afternoon. He saw another dog, his collar broke and he was hit by a car as he was running across the road to see the other dog.
Teddy was one of Miss Molly's puppies from her last litter, he is the 4th dog from the left , 3rd from the right in the picture above. He was so personable and so very loved. They are going to miss him terribly. Josiah, Eden, Asher and Dafna are devastated.

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  1. So sad to hear about the children's puppy! May the good Lord heal their broken hearts. 🙏😢